My name is Kirsten Toyne and I am an Author and Counsellor as well as a mother of two lovely boys who keep me on my toes, introduce me to knew things and ensure life is never boring.

Welcome to my blog about us as Mothers. It is about what it is like to be a mother, particularly the emotional impact, with all the highs and lows and everything in between.

I have interviewed many women in depth about how being a mother has impacted them. Bringing together the information learned through my interviews, my personal experience of motherhood and my work as an Integrative Therapist, The Guilt-Free Guide will help you:

  1. Let go of the demands of modern motherhood
  2. Consider your own feelings and work out your own way to raise your children.
  3. Move away from the inevitable guilt that motherhood evokes in us all, as we strive to do our best.

What inspired this Blog?

When my first son was born, I thought that the hard thing about being a mum was knowing how to manage a baby. However, fairly quickly, I realised that the toughest part was learning how to cope with the emotional demands and complex feelings that motherhood evokes.

I began interviewing other women to find out how being a mother was for them. The more women I interviewed the more I saw how there is a need for us as individuals as well as mothers, to express and understand the emotional challenges of motherhood. There are so many feelings involved. Guilt is a common example. The women I spoke to strove to do their best by their children yet still felt guilty about their choices and feelings. The more I spoke to mothers and the more they revealed to me of their struggle with the conflicting emotions of motherhood, the more passionate I became to write about it. To that end, I have started this blog to provoke thought and discussion on the topic. I have also written a book, The Guilt-Free Guide to Motherhood, that has brought together the experiences of the many women I have interviewed and my knowledge as an ‘Integrative’ therapist.

Note: In my blogs when I refer to ‘My mothers’ or “My mums’, this is a reference to the women that I have interviewed.

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