Your Feelings Count – The Self-Worth Challenge

Qw21tv1437046708Welcome back to The Self-Worth Challenge. Each week I am addressing a topic related to self-worth and I include a few questions at the end to help you consider how you value yourself and how to strengthen it further.

Although it will only take you five minutes or so the aim is that it will set you up to consider this aspect of your self over the coming week.

If you are new to the challenge you might want to start at the beginning and work your way through the series. The very first post is linked here.

Last week in the first instalment we looked at the importance of self-worth and we explored the fears and hopes related to it. This week we are moving on to valuing your feelings. Continue reading

The Self-Worth Challenge

Vpm2ed1442515317Welcome to “The Self-Worth Challenge”.

How we feel about ourselves is a very big and worthwhile topic. I believe everyone has value to bring to this world. Through many years of working with people as a counsellor I have seen how taking time to develop our self-worth is incredibly beneficial.

For this reason over the next 7 weeks I will be writing a post on aspects of self-worth with activities you can use to explore and further develop your own sense of value.

Each post will comprise of some discussion and thoughts on the weeks topic followed by a few questions or an activity. These are designed to help you consider your own self-worth and take the next step to strengthening this all important aspect of your life.


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Why it is great to see other parents struggling!

q9p9xy1435730900I am going to be really honest here. There were times, particularly when I had toddlers, when I felt such relief when I saw my other mums struggling with their kids.

Of course, I felt for them. It was not that I wanted other mums to suffer in any way but in that moment, I really felt a weight lift. In those times I knew, I mean really knew, that it was not just me that would struggle to peel my screaming child off the floor. Continue reading

5 Tips For Repeated Problems With Your Children

m4svKD1435295332When there is a problem (or multiple problems) with our child, we have tried everything we know how to do and it is just not working out, it is easy to feel like we have failed in some way. It might be their behaviour, their sleep, picky eating or a hundred other things.

Feeling uncertain about what to do is a common part of parenting and it is always worth reminding ourselves of a couple of things. Continue reading

The Joy Of Shared Love

pppFRy1434361895The love for our children is like no other. It is a special and unique feeling that we can only have for our kids. It is unconditional. They can scream, keep us awake, be sick on us and draw on the walls but we still love them.

The love we feel is amazing but it comes with a huge amount of responsibility.

We are in charge. In some ways we can feel more vulnerable than ever before. We have these little people who are totally reliant on everything we do. And at the same time we are so emotionally reliant on them being okay too. Continue reading

How to Overcome Self-Blame

rp_58XKxH1433418205-300x300.jpgDo you routinely blame yourself or feel guilty for things that happen in your life?

When there are challenges in life and there are many, particularly as a parent, we can acknowledge the difficulties, question ourselves and learn from our mistakes. This is an essential part of living.

There is however a big difference between this and blaming ourselves. Blaming ourselves, particularly when we do it often, works against us making our lives less enjoyable and when it is bad it stops us from valuing what we actually bring to the world.  Continue reading

Fantasies of Motherhood

s38ZUQ1432843807One of my readers gave me the idea for this blog. She mentioned that she didn’t live up to her fantasy of what a mother is. That set me thinking about the ideas that we all carry round in our heads of what motherhood will be like and more importantly, what kind of mother we will be.

For me I was quite unsure of how I would be. I had not wanted children for most of my life until a very unexpected change of heart came upon me. Finding babies slightly scary I could not really imagine myself as a mum. Continue reading

Invaluable Mum Friends

Z2osu11433443012Motherhood is not easy. It involves constant learning and change as we daily experience so many challenges and emotions. One of the best things we can do is to make sure that we have people we can share the experience with.

Family can be great at this time. Many mums feel a bond with their own mothers once they have had children. The shared experience brings a deeper connection and understanding.

However, there is something very special that we get from being able to share with other mums. They help us by… Continue reading