Have Fun Highlighting Your Children’s Strengths

jsPMeC1450093279Teaching our children about themselves is something that we do every day. As parents we would like them to be able to see all their own strengths in the same way that we can, but it is not as simple as it sounds.

Children at three find it easy to believe that they are strong/clever/funny but as they get older this changes. Gradually, whilst they are in the early part of their school life they develop a good idea of who is ‘best’ in their class. Whether it be at reading or sport or something else, they begin to compare themselves to others. Continue reading

5 Tips For Repeated Problems With Your Children

m4svKD1435295332When there is a problem (or multiple problems) with our child, we have tried everything we know how to do and it is just not working out, it is easy to feel like we have failed in some way. It might be their behaviour, their sleep, picky eating or a hundred other things.

Feeling uncertain about what to do is a common part of parenting and it is always worth reminding ourselves of a couple of things. Continue reading