The Mixed Feelings Of Pregnancy

K5TwNo1467902804Finding ourselves pregnant is a momentous occasion. It is a time when we realise that our lives are going to change radically but we can’t know exactly how, particularly with our first child. Even when we planned our pregnancy, it can still take us by surprise. It is exciting to know that we will have a baby. Knowing that we will meet our own child in less than nine months time can be both wonderful and surreal. We have a hope and an investment in the future was not there before. Continue reading

To All Mothers with Young Children

exhaustionIt has been a bad week for sleep. I have had to be really mindful of being kind to myself because I know that I am tired. In those disturbed nights and even more in the lethargic days afterwards I have been reminded of how exhausted I was most of the time when my boys were younger.

But back then, with babies/toddlers there were times when I couldn’t recognise that I was tired, purely because I always was. My confidence in myself came under question because I never felt on top of anything. So I am dedicating this week to all you mothers with young children and the inevitable disturbed sleep. Continue reading

How To Trust Yourself As A Mother

rD4ORa1468320317Raising our children is so important to us. We love them and want to do the best we can for them. Yet as mothers we find ourselves contending with so many pressures. Right from pregnancy through to having our babies, we are met with a barrage of information on what to do and even how to feel. It can seem like there is an endless set of requirements to meet in order to be a good mother. If we were to attempt to adhere to all the things that we ‘should’ do with our babies, we would go mad or collapse trying. Continue reading

Milestones-Letting go of our children

lBUgcP1441883425This is a time of year when many of us are made particularly aware of the continual process of letting go of our children. As they grow and develop we have to let them do more and more themselves. Whilst this is always happening there are key times when it becomes increasingly apparent. These are the moments when they reach milestones in their lives, when they do things they have never done before like starting preschool or school or moving up a year. Continue reading

Fantasies of Motherhood

s38ZUQ1432843807One of my readers gave me the idea for this blog. She mentioned that she didn’t live up to her fantasy of what a mother is. That set me thinking about the ideas that we all carry round in our heads of what motherhood will be like and more importantly, what kind of mother we will be.

For me I was quite unsure of how I would be. I had not wanted children for most of my life until a very unexpected change of heart came upon me. Finding babies slightly scary I could not really imagine myself as a mum. Continue reading