How to Overcome Self-Blame

rp_58XKxH1433418205-300x300.jpgDo you routinely blame yourself or feel guilty for things that happen in your life?

When there are challenges in life and there are many, particularly as a parent, we can acknowledge the difficulties, question ourselves and learn from our mistakes. This is an essential part of living.

There is however a big difference between this and blaming ourselves. Blaming ourselves, particularly when we do it often, works against us making our lives less enjoyable and when it is bad it stops us from valuing what we actually bring to the world.  Continue reading

The Perfect Mother?

A5KT171433445967We all want to be the perfect mother for our children, of course, because we love them. We do our absolute best. Sometimes we can feel happy about our efforts but sometimes it can be hard to feel that we are doing well enough.

It can be so easy to believe we are failing, particularly when we see other women who seem to be doing a better job than us. But what is this ideal that we feel we need to live up to? Continue reading

Comparing Ourselves To Other Mothers

rp_9RHh3v1433446787-225x300.jpgWe all do it. We watch other women with their offspring and compare ourselves. But why do we compare?

Comparing has its advantages. The thing we want from it is reassurance. When we see mothers operating in the same way we do, it is reassuring and helps us confirm our actions. When we see mothers doing things in a manor we would not, then it can reassure us too. It helps us feel okay about the choices we make by comparison. But that is not the whole story. Continue reading