The Joy Of Shared Love

pppFRy1434361895The love for our children is like no other. It is a special and unique feeling that we can only have for our kids. It is unconditional. They can scream, keep us awake, be sick on us and draw on the walls but we still love them.

The love we feel is amazing but it comes with a huge amount of responsibility.

We are in charge. In some ways we can feel more vulnerable than ever before. We have these little people who are totally reliant on everything we do. And at the same time we are so emotionally reliant on them being okay too. Continue reading

After the birth of baby number two – The biggest surprise

childno2gainsandlossesI was nervous having my second baby. I remembered all too well the challenges of a newborn and couldn’t work out how I would do it again, but this time with a toddler in the mix.

Certain things seemed incomprehensible, like how manage the broken nights without naps during the day or even how to deal with putting a trolley back at the supermarket with a baby and a wandering toddler. I have no idea why the later of these two concerned me so much at the time because it was never really a problem, but that was just one of a few things that I could not imagine how I would manage with child number two. Continue reading

The Natural Losses of Motherhood

hHeLlR1433446188When we become mothers we gain so much but we lose so much too. There are many losses and here I am not talking about some awful events but rather the natural process of being a mum to ever changing children.

The obvious gains and losses are that we have the addition of our new children but we lose the life we had before. We also learn so much but we have to forgo many of the freedoms of being independent and child free. There is, however, more to it than that. Continue reading