Valuing Our Role As Parents

kMaDAd1468330196Raising a child is an amazing thing to do, yet it is so easy to undervalue it at times.

As parents we know how important a role it is. We love our children so much and want the very best for them. But for many of us there can be those times when we lose touch with this fact. There are moments when the competing pressures of life get on top of us, maybe we are not achieving as much as we would like (or think we should) in the other realms of our lives because we are busy raising our children. Or we feel so stuck in the never ending tasks of family life that it feels we are not accomplishing much at all. It is these times that it is worth reminding ourselves how important being a parent is. Continue reading

5 Tips For Repeated Problems With Your Children

m4svKD1435295332When there is a problem (or multiple problems) with our child, we have tried everything we know how to do and it is just not working out, it is easy to feel like we have failed in some way. It might be their behaviour, their sleep, picky eating or a hundred other things.

Feeling uncertain about what to do is a common part of parenting and it is always worth reminding ourselves of a couple of things. Continue reading

The Joy Of Shared Love

pppFRy1434361895The love for our children is like no other. It is a special and unique feeling that we can only have for our kids. It is unconditional. They can scream, keep us awake, be sick on us and draw on the walls but we still love them.

The love we feel is amazing but it comes with a huge amount of responsibility.

We are in charge. In some ways we can feel more vulnerable than ever before. We have these little people who are totally reliant on everything we do. And at the same time we are so emotionally reliant on them being okay too. Continue reading